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29th June, 2021


work in progress sketches

I’m a little late to my usual blogging this week. My mind has been in a bit of funk at certain times. I mean it’s winter so I think I would rather hibernate than be up. I have be trying to plan a series of artworks, as I wanted to take a dive again into doing more art shows. For the past few weeks I had been struggling with topics of what kind of series I would create. I saw some paintings that had sparked an idea I wanted to approach. I wanted to work with shadows. I originally wanted to apply contrast of light and dark shadows in watercolour medium. But I felt it wasn’t working out the way I wanted it. I wrote down some keywords to help me with this idea.

One night on the train ride home, I had an idea spring to mind. Visually I could see it in my brain. I wrote some poetry to accompany the pieces. One of the challenges for me was to create more than 3 drawing or paintings for series. One of the many reason I had struggled to make a topic. So when I had an idea spring to my head, I had to attempt to convey it. I decided to work with “Moon Phases”, I am in love with the Moon. When the night sky is clear, I love watching the Moon every night changing from dark to light.

Instead of my usual watercolour/ gouache painting work. I decided to work with graphite pencil and monochrome colouring. I spent most my day on Saturday, binge watching TV with my sister and worked on some sketches. At first it was a bit of struggle to get the right kind of characterization going. Then at some point in sketching and working with my values/ shading/ shaping. There were a set of thumbnails that were just right. Now the next struggle/ part was translating the thumbnail to something a little bigger and clearer drawing.

Pencil are such a unique tool, I’ve always enjoyed working with graphite as much as working with ink and paints. It has such a lovely texture. Like any tool, it’s always messy but lots of enjoyment.


21st June 2021

Happy Winter Solstice!

Despite the sun being out, it’s pretty cold. Painting has been a bit difficult as drying talks longer. Although I did struggle to finish the painting. I had an idea of some paintings I want to work on. I did some quick thumbnail sketches of one the paintings I wanted to try. But somehow this week I really struggled, even with plenty of references and inspirations. I think the cold doesn’t help as much.

Overall it was a good trial paint, I still need to plan it out more. I’m not completely happy with the overall turnout. But I mean you don’t have to be happy about all your paintings. There will be days where you feel like its a struggle as it’s not coming out the way you envisioned. Other times you are over the moon. When I started the paint on Sunday, it started okay, I put a wash of sepia base for my darker areas and left the sky backdrop with no wash. I decided to use some of my usual colours teal, some purple and browns. I felt okay with the combinations at first on Sunday, but when I resumed on Monday. It just felt a little off balanced, I had assumed it was just because I hadn’t finished the painting but to honest it wasn’t that. So instead of painting clouds, I used some red pink inks and gouache and it a brightly coloured cotton candy bush. Which in turn made the painting feel a lot more balanced to me.

Despite the struggle I had this week. I’m looking forward to creating more of what I want envisioned.

June Blog

13th June 2021

I worked on a few new art things this weekend despite my body deciding to try keep me from getting up in the mornings. I worked on some new Puddles designs for some stickers. I test printed some transparent stickers. Did some thumbnails for some other project for Puddles.

Today I worked on drawing waves. While waiting for my paper to dry. I drew some pencil sketches of waves. As I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach it. I started with a base pencil sketch as a general guide. Then I painted my first layer using Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue mixed with a bit Windsor & Newton White gouache paints. While I waited for my first painting to dry a bit more. I created the same process with piece of watercolour paper. I mixed a cobalt blue with a teal colour and added the top layer details, making the water have a bit of a reflective sheen.

Once the two paintings dried a lot more. I used turquoise polychrom pencil to add the extra details for the look of movement. Using a white gouache mixed with a bit of purple to add the sea foam to finished the waves off.

Enjoying doing some practice work of art things I don’t draw often. I will be planning a big-ish painting project for the future but unsure what kind of work I want to draw. So I’ll try to do some planning and work on more Puddles related things in the meantime.

Witch Hà Liên

June Blog

7th June 2021

Well the last, first half of the month started off with a bang. In which I mean, that my state has been in a short circuit beaker lockdown. I mean I don’t hate it, but means I don’t do much work work to make money. I do enjoy having lots of time off, means I can work on things like art. Though free time to do stuff does require a bit of motivation. You would think I would be doing art everyday, pumping out stuff. Despite not doing finished art, I try to work on more planning and revising products and looks. One of the things that was on my list was to make a box for my washi tape. When I received my washi tape from Vograce, they are sealed in plastic. I mean sure I could sell them as it is. But I think product branding plays in selling something as well. So I worked on a ready made template but found that it wasn’t the correct measurements. So I created on myself and was pretty happy with the end results.

I wanted to paint more on Sunday, but I had been feeling a little under weather again. Winter has finally begun here in Melbourne. I had went to the grocers with my sister so we can have stuff to make dinner for the next few days. Then the day turned into evening. However I did start a painting and ended up finishing it today then took a nap on the couch. Whilst planning art and other back end things, in May I was planning to work more on Vietnamese outfits, mainly the Áo dài. I believe I have never worn ones as a child, my mum owns a few but they do not fit me. So I wanted to make a Witchy character with an Áo dài. I will be working on more painting based on Áo dài, with will feature lots of floral, mainly lotus and just a lot of beautiful colours.

I used 300gsm smooth hot press watercolour paper. Usually I would deep soak to stretch, but it has been quiet cold for anything to dry quicker. As it’s always an upward battle with smooth paper. So I do a slightly heavy water wash and let it dry. I used a mixture of my gouache, watercolour and ink colours for this piece. Used my colour pieces to bring out the details of the clothes and face. Then finished off the portrait with gold and white highlights.

May Blog

30th May 2021

Last few days of May for Mermay, despite only doing a couple of painting relating to mermaids. I think I had over all fun with it. I had a bit more time to work on art projects last few days as of some free time to focus a little. Plus also have a bit of break from life, when you don’t get internet connection and notifications from other people and work. With the added on sleeping until midday was very nice. Though I did ended up catching up on a bit of work which didn’t leave me time to input some gaming.

Well with mermaids, I guess there is assumption that water will be included in the work. Today I decided to do more landscape/ background work still featuring characters. I had some imagery in mind, so I did end up sketching a little composition sketch. Decided to feature my Pond Witch, sitting by the pond and chatting to a Koi Mermaid. Oddly this a lot of green and I’m actually really terrible with working greens. But some how I managed to make it balanced. I wanted to add heaps more things in the environment but I thought it maybe over doing the whole story like scenery. Like I enjoy some of those hyper detailed even realism environmentally concept art and you can just get lost. But I think simplicity is also quiet beautiful on its own. So I did not try to force details.

I’m pretty happy how my water painting practice is going. I think I’m a little more confident on how to paint it the way I want it to look. I worked on a pencil base sketch and started a base for my water. It started off a bright blue and then I added a teal colour to bleed and mix with the blue. I let and dry and started on the grass, adding more teal and mix of a sap green. At first it look rather plain, as it does. Then I worked on the rocks and lily pad colours and the characters. Once most the paint had dried, I layered the shadowing, and colour pencil detailing. I finished the water ripples with white ink. I started the month using words from different but then having my creative brain space back on, I was able to work on a more personal take with my work. But word prompts and references still give some more pushes to create the painting.

May Blog

24th May 2021

So I celebrated my younger twin sibs birthday on Sunday. We lounged around ate a lot of food and watched some LOTR trilogy. So I did no art for my usual Sunday. Though I had been thinking a lot about what I wanted to draw for my next Mermay piece. I talked about last time I wanted to paint more water, especially in terms of ocean waves and movement. This was my take on water and waves. I’ve never really painted moving waters as much, so it was a little daunting to do so. I started to work on more water like paintings. Like my pond witch painting, worked painting ripples and water reflection like effects.

When I was thinking about how I would approach the base of the drawing, I started to over think the process. Then I went with the idea of wind and grassy fields. The base painting started messy and ugly, as most painting do at the start. As I waited for the paint to dry, I added more layers and detailing to the base colours. I tried very hard not to over think the details on the mermaids, as I have an over tendency to focus over details on the characters in the paintings. As I’m still practicing more landscape story like paintings with my characters, rather than just portraits.

I didn’t start a thumbnail for this piece, as I had this image in my head throughout the day. Sometimes when I don’t get stuck on what to paint, I usually don’t use or create thumbnails. I chose/ mixed some light pastel colours for softness. Using colours pencils to add the line and other detailing to bring out the shapes of the waves and characters. I used white gouache to detail the sea foam and add a bit light texture to my clouds. I added little gold stars with a metallic pen.

May Blog

17th May 2021

Missed my usual Sunday art & blog as I was under the weather. Today I am lot better. I was sad I didn’t get to do much art but also it was freezing. Today I decided I would make up for a it a bit. I decided to work on some digital work for my Mermay.

The word of the day is Glass. Mirrors are made of glass and then coated. I’ve always wanted to paint reflections. It’s not perfect but I don’t think I would have achieved this very as a traditional painting. As digital allows you to flip, reverse the canvas with ease. I think I was more stumped on the colouring and pairing or colours and style. I worked on more a mixed painted style and didn’t think too hard on how I was painting. Though I did have problem with whether I wanted to paint scales. So I decided I wanted more water waves. As I’ve been practicing drawing water in some of my recent art works, as practice for another project I’m working on.

I was painting this piece on and off, while working on a commission for a dear friend. But managed to be able to finish it. I am actually pretty happy with it, as I know my digital art was not my strongest suit in terms of skills but I really enjoy the process, when I want to have break from traditional. I think my work flow has a change a bit, ever since I got a display tablet. I spend quiet a few years using a tablet to do work. I found weird adjusting to the screen over a tablet.

I always get a lot of new artist getting to digital art, and be like “oh I will get a display tablet as it like drawing on paper and that’s so much easier.” But I feel like not everyone can jump straight into new tech and be perfect. It also cost lots of money to invest in a display tablet, especially Australia. There was not a lot a options, nowadays there are plenty. As I always keep saying, just keep practicing.

May Blog

09th May 2021

I’ve been working on art on and off. I recently bought some nice giclee paper in the mail the other week. As I wanted to start doing more premium printing for my watercolour works. I’ve been shifting a lot more my works for more original based stuff rather than fandom. Though I still enjoy drawing fandom stuff, it’s not an easy thing to be caught up with the latest trendy fandom stuff. It doesn’t mean I will stop drawing fandom work, but I think I would just do the things I like even if it’s very old and people have moved on.

I have been doing some colour comps for my printing. I always feel like something is off whenever I do a print copy of my original art. Then I go and remember that I work on cream colour wet medium paper, and most of my digital papers are bright white, which makes the colour cool tone. The giclee paper I got has cream colour base, which gave my print test a warm tone and matches a lot closer to my actual painting. it’s actually difficult to colour match, adjust colour correctly especially if your monitor isn’t calibrated. I used to work with two monitors, one old one that would be more blue than the other. So the colours would be wildly different, and was the same thing for my display tablet.

This Sunday I did another Mermay drawing, I picked from list with flower. I chose to draw Wisteria flowers. I’ve been having a hard time doing art recently, I think its combination of the colder weather and trying to fight a cold. I think over all the final painting came out okay, I made quiet a few mistakes that I try to rectify while painting. I think due my tiredness, not being about to produce and creativity makes it hard to churn out art. So remember it’s always okay to take breaks from art, don’t feel bad not pushing something out everyday.

May Blog

02nd May 2021

It’s now May, wow heading towards near the end of half way to the year. When I started to work more on my art, I didn’t really know what I should be drawing or where I would really start. I did a lot of classes based around art and art theory during my university life and then ended with a degree in Graphic design. As it was a more or less a “viable” art job. Which sadly the industry in Australia, especially when it comes to art & design not very good. Unless you know someone, who knows someone.

So when trying to to tackle art can be quiet a challenge, I’m not sure how I found out these kind of things existed in the art realm or how I came across it. Art prompt/ List, I think an artist I follow started doing a thing called "Inktober", which you do ink based drawings each day in October. I think I stated to practice it in about circa 2017. What’s great about prompt list is that if you are stuck on doing art or in need of some practice to keep those killer skills sharp. Now there are more and more Art prompts/ challenges that you can search up to make art almost each month.

I have been doing these prompts from time to time each year. Since it’s May, Mermay illustrations come out the wood works. I don’t often do a full 30/31 days but I don’t actually recommend any artist to do 30+ days worth of work. Also trying to work around daily life can be tough. There are lots of people out there, thinking they have failed at not doing enough or not finishing the “challenge”. Or there are artist who look down and other artist for doing art month challenges, makes jokes be like here is my contributions. I think it’s important to try and pace yourself when practicing art. I think art prompts are great for learning, using keywords to help inspire your works. Especially if the art theme. I really enjoy doing Mermay, as it’s something different to my witches I usually paint. I don’t force myself to do a whole month. I think one of my favourite art prompts was Magic moon week in February, it was 8 days of work.

One of my bigger projects I do towards the end of the year is Witchtober, as I replaced it with inktober for certain reason. I love using my followers favourite things, as it lets me be inspired by the words they choose and I create a story with my witches. I think I ever did one full October. I’ve definitely reduced that amount of work and just do things at my own pace. I think also planning how to tackle a quick painting is very helpful. Things like what is my week going to be like, set a time of day I will sit down and do a little painting or I’m too busy and need to rest I will do this next week. There are going to be days where you’re tired and had a very crap day. Makes you want to do nothing.

Finished, ugly, quick or unfinished works are absolutely fine. I always hear from other people, ‘how did you do it?’ ‘I wish I could draw like this everyday’ ‘I just don’t have time to draw a piece everyday’ or ‘I don’t remember how to draw’. It not something you have to force yourself to do everyday, you can do one drawing per week, or work on a prompt for 2 weeks, whatever works for you. Some practices work well for others but it may not work for you. Looking after yourself is important too!

April Blog

25th April 2021

The weather has gotten colder, as autumn folds into winter. When I got to my day job, I usually walk to the train station. My suburb isn’t the most prettiest place, we have giant power lines/ towers just cutting in the middle of empty park and grass land. Yet I still enjoy the scenic look of the area. I’ve been enjoying see the colours of the trees turn from green to a bright orange and then fall in to brown.

I always stop if I have time to take some photos, as it often gives me inspirations for colours, imagery when I want to create something. Recently I have been wanting to paint trees or a forest like scene. I would say it quiet rare for me to be painting landscapes. So this was some good practice for me. I had an image in my head, often when I try to sketch down a my ideas. I always feel like it’s not coming out the way I want to. Which sometimes puts me off from actually getting to the painting stage of my creativity. Which sometimes that okay, as I don’t always have to finish something. It’s okay to fail at succeeding on finishing a painting, all apart of the creative process.

What really helped push this painting out was taking photos of the tree I walk by as I go to work. The references helps me see how these trees I am trying to draw work. Sometimes when you are stuck on something like a pose, it’s okay to look at some references especially ones with anatomy pose, to help get an idea how to approach a drawing. People tend to think that you need 100% remember what or how pose or an things to look like and draw from your mind. This doesn’t always help or make your art look the way you want it to look. If you can’t find the right pose or thing, another way is take a photo yourself, if possible get someone to pose for you. A mirror is also good to use, especially to get facial expressions right.

I used my Holbien Davy’s Grey watercolour, Schminckes Natrual grey and white Windsor & Newton White Gouache for my main colours. Using my polychromes and Prismacolors to bring out the feature of the trees. Adding and bleeding using my Sailor ink. I think the hardest part when I was painting, is waiting for it to dry a little so I can layer more on the painting. The weather is colder now so the paints dries slower. I think for something I don’t paint a lot, it didn’t turn out horrible. It was good practice as I want to add more scenes to my witch characters.

April Blog

18th April 2021

Cat blobs are cute!

This week in terms of art, I have been a bit busy to think about putting pen to paper. So I decided I just wanted to have fun and experiment with my tools. Explore simple shapes and turn them into an image. I had blobs idea running in my mind all week long. I had recently received my Ring light/ tripod for more better lighting and stabilization of my videos. I got a ring light as winter is upon as us, so the lighting is darker to take photos or videos.

Though waiting for ink to dry is a bit of pain during colder weather. So I tend to get impatient and try to draw over in damp ink. I mean it’s not a bad thing to do, as bleeding can often have a cool effect on the artwork. What I enjoy about the results that it was some fun, easy and just relaxing to work on something that is not a completely finished piece.

I’ve been wanting to reintroduce adding ink into my watercolour/ gouache work and work more with bleeding effect. When I picked up some Sailor ink, I chose colours that had a wonderful bleed finish. Despite using watercolour paper, I felt it I needed to use more paper that doesn’t like ink, as the bleed is much more effective. But adding extra layer water over the paper does help with bleed effect.

April Blog

11th April 2021

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday, so many of my wonderful friends and family got me some beautiful presents. I received an easel, which was something that was on my list to studio tools I wanted. It’s definitely so much better for my neck to paint more up right. I got a gift card to spend on some art tool, which I did. I got some really nice, bought a new ink nibs, pens and pencils to add to my collection. My fam pitched in to get me a new fancy wide monitor with true colour for my editing and digital art.

This weeks blog I decided to use some of new tools and equipment to make some art. I used one of my sketches I had from my notebook. I’m using Baohong 300gsm smooth watercolour paper, I always had disliked using smooth watercolour paper as it would take my paints very well. But I learned from other watercolour artists, is to soak my paper in water for about 10mins to 15mins depending on the size and thickness of the paper. This has helped me paint a lot better with smooth paper, the process stretches the paper and least likely to buckle the paper after it dries from painting.

I usually use a medium to rough paper type, I don’t usually stretch my paper but I have been trying to put more into my routine for my water and gouache art. Feel like forever since I did watercolour paint, well technically I did do a traditional painting but I can’t reveal it yet.Doesn’t meant I can’t still do more witchy art. Anna is starting to practice ink work, so I have been helping with the different inks and nibs types. I think she was surprised that I used to use ink in my work. I wanted to get some ink work back into my work, so I picked up some sweet Sailor inks, an Ecoline purple bottle and white ink. I lent Anna one of my old nibs and black inks so she can practice her art with.

I picked up some sexy G Pen nibs for some nice line work and a nice Sakura micron Gold pen for the shiny metallic goodness.I think using an ink pen is very good for the fine detailing such as delicate lace work if you don’t have a nice small brush tip. If you are looking for more sharper detailing.

April Blog

4th April 2021

Happy Easter week, hope everyone is eating lots and taking a break. Continuing on with practicing with my copic markers. So I decided to work on some more of the sketches I have in my notebook. I decided to use colours I don’t usually combine when working with colours. I’m actually surprised on how well it turned out. A lot people always tell me that my sketches have more movement or flow. Then I try to convey my sketches into more or less finished pieces, it doesn’t have similar feeling. I had a tutor in one of my classes in Uni, I didn’t like them as much but they did tell me that my sketch work had more feeling. In a way it may me feel bad about my work especially my finished pieces.

This is the same feeling when people tell me that my digital work doesn’t convey the same feeling as my traditional work. But whenever I finish a piece of art, I’m often quite happy about the results and want to show off to everyone but with how the the social media landscape is like now, nobody sees it and then I feel quite sad again. I know these feelings are normal to have. I don’t think it all these criticism I get is bad and or good would stop me from continuing to make art. It helps me try to work to be a better artist and work towards making my work feel more emotive or movement.

I been enjoying putting together time lapse videos, everyone seems to like how smooth I paint and draw. I’ve always had other people tell me that I’m too sketchy, that my characters look hairly. So its nice everyone who follows says that i’m such a smooth painter.

Copic art practice – Pond Witch

28th March 2021

I have been thinking about drawing water a lot these days. So I decided to work from a sketch I worked on last night of my Pond Witch character. The layering was fun to approach. As usual I when I started adding the colours, I was like oh man it’s ugly. But I kept adding more

details and colours and all started coming together.

When colouring through my art, I realised that I very much do a lot of portrait style art. I was looking at an art submission rules for a big witchy codex. And it was like “Please try not to submit portrait or bust art as we want you to convey a story” I love and enjoy doing portrait style art but I have been trying to expand a be more story themed art. I still think portraits and bust still convey a story but I think it more that I need to add more environment to my pieces. So instead of just heavily focusing on the facial features and more what the character is surrounded it.

So as I was thinking about water, I wanted to expand more on my Pond Witch. I think when trying to create a story, characters should have names. I usually don’t always name my characters, just a title related to their elemental theme. It’s a good way to explore characters and some world building.

The Pond Witch practices her magic in water, usually at a lake or a pond. She is very adept in water and earth based magic. So I gave her more a water themed colours and using water ripples. Sh loves lotus leaves and flowers and often adorns them on her hat. Despite being a witch of water and earth, she doesn’t like the ocean. So she sticks to lakes and ponds to enhance her powers. I used coloured pencils, white posca marker to add extra details to bring out the copic colours.

One colour value/ Monochrome testing.

21st March 2021

The colour I have decided to work with is Green. I rarely work with green colous, so this would be a fun test. I’ve used greens in my work but towards the blue-green such as teal. As most of paintings are comprised with, purple, blue and teal. Then my sub colours, browns, pinks, yellows and red. Highlighters and finishes, white, silver and gold metallics.The list of green copic colours I have available:

• G000 (Pale Green)

• G82 (Spring Dim Green)

• YG03 (Yellow Green)

• YG06 (Yellowish Green)

• G14 (Apple Green)

• YG05 (Salad)

• YG07 (Acid Green)

• G05 (Emerald Green)

• YG67 (Moss)

• BG09 (Blue Green)

• BG34 (Horizon Green)


I started with a base sketch then a using a colour pencil to achieve a line art on top of the pencil sketch. Added some shadow base colour. I decided to use the white space and my negative colour/ space, to give a sharp hard light source. I layered colours for the leaves, using a coloured pencil outline and define the leaves and adding extra vine details. I finished off the drawing with some posca highlighting and details.I don’t think I work a lot with single colours, so this was good practice. Despite being a little tired this week and my brain not working for art at the moment. I think the over all draw turned out well. I draw a lot protraits but they always seem static. It’ s likely I don’t use a lot of anatomy pose references. So they always feel static. A good way to resolve this, if you feel your poses, I guess you would say stale. Is this look is build a bit of mood board, gather some images of faces, clothes and other stuff that might relate to the drawing you are trying to aim for. Plenty of sketches, thumbnail sizes are good. Then deciding what you like most and then start working on the more refined drawing.

Copic Process: Limited colour test

14th March 2021

This week I attempt to use a limited palette of colours with copics. I think it’s good practice to try to work with a limited selection of colours. There are many ways to approach this practice. Looking at different colour wheels from the web. Using one colour and picking from the same spectrum/ tonal value or you can close your eyes and pick them at random.

Deciding how many colours you will use can be tough. I think when working with a limit, I think 2 to 5 colours is a good number to work with. It still gives you space to work with your imagination. It doesn’t matter if the end results are ugly, this is what practicing is for. Trying to find a solution to making things work but doing many trials.

So as usual, I enjoy picking things at random. I’ve picked 5 random colours I will work with.

Colours I picked at random:

• RV04 (Shock Pink)

• G000 (Pale Green)

• B12 (Ice Blu)

• R32 (Peach)

• E59 (Walnut)

I will use some extra tools, such as my pencils, poscas and liners for any highlights to add and enhance the colours I’ve picked. But I will use it at a limited capacity. I did a few different test sketches, as I didn’t know how it will turn out. Often if you find yourself stuck at drawing something, especially given the colours. It’s always good to look at some references, get some idea of what you want to draw, how to approach the colours.

I think this was a bit difficult for me. The colour I have chose at random, I wouldn’t say I don’t use them, just not in that combination. So I trialed them at the start of the week to try an get an idea of how to put these colours together. Often I have worries, as working with a darker skin colour can be quiet difficult. As a lot can go wrong when using unfamiliar with the tones. I looked at a lot references to be inspired and build and idea. I think despite making a lot mistakes in the process of drawing. I think it turn out well. I know it not prefect and I definitely need more practice with colour combination I am unfamiliar with.


I started with a base sketch, then added the ink lines with my copic multi-liners in wine. I started with the skin tone (E59 Walnut), instead of colouring the entire face, I decided on experimenting on sharp shadowing. I used my prisma colour (PC 1081 Chestnut) to fill in the white space to use as a lighter tonal value from the sharp shadow. Using (B12 Ice Blue) colour as the sharp shadow of the hair, adding a layer of purple colour pencil to give it a darker tone. Then I filled in the rest. I have been think about practicing water lately, so instead of just doing a plain flat colour approach. I added some water effects with a white posca. Added the rest of the details with all my other tools to enhance the drawing. I think despite my limited colours, I had fun trying something different to my usual styling of work. These kinds of practices are fun to do, as I learn to draw or approach things differently. Sometimes you aren’t always going to be happy about how things turn out in the end. I’ve been trying to be okay with my art even if it ends up ugly or I’ve made mistakes. Next week I will be attempting to draw with monochrome/ one colour value with my copics.

Intro to my Copic markers process

7th March 2021

A little background how I started with Copics markers. When I was a teen, I was obsessed with Japanese manga and animation. I mean I still am obsessed. I think I was more of I was in love with the art, as it inspired me. Living in Australia especially during the early 00’s era, there wasn’t a lot of resources available in terms of art tools and art stores with little money to purchase any tools. I would spend most of my times in bookstores, Dymocks and when Boarders used to exist in Australia and a profound amount of Starbucks everywhere.

I loved those “How to draw Manga” books, I know people laugh it now as they are outdated. I always wanted to purchase those books, but they were real expensive. I remember being in the bookshops just spending time just reading those books, trying to get an idea on how Mangaka created their coloured works. Which is when I discovered Copics brand. Obviously in Australia during the early 00’s they were not easy to come by or they were expensive at an art store. I remember that Dymocks carried some dual markers brand “Tom Bow” which were expensive for me, but I bought them anyway and absolutely love them. Then they disappeared after a few years, so I never got a chance to buy them again. Now as a more experienced artist with some sort of independent cash flow. I am able to source and buy my own tools. There is so much more accessible to art tools as there are more art shops plus the power of online shopping now. Copics Markers themselves were still expensive to purchase. I was lucky enough to go to Japan for a couple of weeks and stock myself with many markers I could buy. Which made my collections a lot bigger than what I started off with. I also got some hand me down Copic Markers from my lovely friend. So now I have a decent collection. I like to apply some of my watercolour techniques to Alcohol markers. I used to use black/ grey tones as my shadowing in a lot of my older style works when I mixed watercolours colours and heavy black inks.

Tool Break Down

Base colours I like to use:

• Skin: E33 (Sand)

• Shadows: BV02 (Prune), B63 (Light Hydrangea), V17 (Amethyst)

• Blush: R20 (Blush) or R22 (Light Prawn)

• Liner: Copic Multi Liner 0.3 Wine, Micron 0.1 Purple

• Highlights: Poscas 0.7 White

Other tools:

• Prismacolor: PC 1030 (Raspberry), PC 947 (Dark Umber)

• Uniball Gel Liners – Signo (Green & Pink)

• Caran D’ Arch Luminace: 129 (Burnt Violet), 583 (Violet Pink)

I’ve grown a lot more confident in my works, and more experimental with how approach the pieces. I don’t use a lot of liners in my work now days but often it helps with pushing some details out. I use a mixture of pencil lines and ink lines help define some of my works. As most art process, you start with a sketch even if for practice. Usually, I would have an idea of what I want to draw and sometimes I just wing it. Alcohol markers do require certain papers types otherwise they will bleed a lot. If you are working in a sketch book, always have a nice thick card to place underneath the page so it doesn’t bleed through. Paper: “X-Press it” brand is pretty easy and accessible to buy and works well with Copics. Lots of artist approach colouring differently. I like to paint in the base skin colour and then adding my purple colours for shadows. My sketch details tends to disappear and making the image looks funny or bad at first but it’s only because I’m not finished adding all my details. Picking colours depending on what kind of image I am going for, I pick my colours from what seems to suit the drawing. Using black and grey can tend to look harsh for shadowing but doesn’t mean you can use them, just depends on what you are aiming to achieve in your work. If you have worries about the colour choices, I like to use a scrape paper to test colours and swatch them. Sometimes keeping to the same colour block/ theme can make a drawing look and feel different.

After blocking all my main colours and shadowing, I like to add my liners and pencil details. I use Primsacolors and Caran D’ Arch pencils but any colour pencils are fine too. Whatever you have access to. Usually these are my finishes for details, adding the lines to bring out the face or body. White highlights adds area of small light or balances your colours. When I want to finish an art piece I add a background colour, add little details like little stars or accessories on to the portraits.

Hope you enjoyed some of my process of my art.

28th Feburary 2021

First blog of the year. I had been working on some new products for the year.

Meet Puddles the Void (cat) Familiar

I wanted to make a stationary kit, so I took a dive into making pencil cases, lanyards, washi tape and notebooks.The overall design process was pretty smooth. I have never made lanyards and washi tape before. It was a very decent experience. Though the Lanyards and Washi tape turned out pretty cute, there are some room for improvements. The images for the washi tape can definitely be larger and cropping would be okay. The lanyards colours and printing came out super well and very nice quality. But there was a slight issue with the misaligned cutting of the fabric, so some of the print had gotten cropped off.

I recently bought a badge machine. It too me ages to get one, as I was picking the moulds I wanted, as the machine I was going to share with Anna-Le16. She was very keen in getting a Heart mould. In the end I ended up getting square mould, as it was something I wanted for a long time. I am very happy with the choice for the badge. The notebooks too a lot of time to make, as I had to wait until the printers I wanted to use. I wanted to get some samples done, as it was easier for me to process and fix any of my ideas when i was creating a cover. The final version turned out amazing and I been over the moon with the end product.

I used my samples to do some rough tool testing and sketching. The recycled paper is really lovely for note taking and drawing.

I think it always nerve wrecking when creating new products that I’ve never made before.

As you process them through the final product, the amount of money having to pay to get these done. There are what if it turns out bad or not what you wanted or I made too many and they turned out terrible and would be impossible to sell. And with the added part

where conventions are pretty non-existent in Australia at the moment due to covid. So doing my best to re-invent my stuff with all the time off of no conventions. Although online selling is great, but now the market is super over saturated as a lot artist are now turning on to doing

online sales to also make ends meet as well, with the lack of in person sales.

So I have been doing so planning of changing how I do things with my work. I’ve looking at different avenues of how to get my work out there. Pushing my self to be more confident online especially with live video of myself doing art. Hopefully I’ll add some more post. I think blogging is great as I have more space to talk unlike places and Instagram & twitter as the word count is low.

Thanks for coming by and reading!


Where to get stuff done.

Here are the places I got my work done. I think there a lot people who don’t know where to when creating new products.


is excellent manufacture for beginners & super accessible if you are looking to get some charms done. They have added a great deal many other products they produce. The staff is very friendly to work with

Print together

I got my notebook done by Print together, they are Melbourne Base. Their turnaround was very quick for me and printed at such a lovely quality. They use recyclable paper & ethical style printing.

Sticker sheets

They are handmade at home. I used a secondhand Silhouette Cameo 3 I got from some friends.

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